Dawgs Give GM 5-Year, $75M Deal

This season has been another Brees for the Dawgs

The Dutchess Dawgs served notice once again this weekend that they are a universal  force to be reckoned with in their unending quest for world domination…..at least in the Somers Division of the Nightcap Fantasy  League.

And as a result, president, GM and coach Big Dawg Bowser has been offered a five-year, $75 million extension, plus free doggie bones for life.

“The extension is well deserved, and should offset Bowser’s losses in his 401k…make that 101k….plan and stock investments,” the Dawgs said in a statement. “Bowser has been looking for a bigger dawg house for a while, and this new deal should put him in the high-rent district.”

The Dawgs trailed Team Larkin by 51-17 earlier Sunday, twice bitten by the newly-acquired combo of Peyton “I’m no Eli”  Manning to Marvin Harrison. But they rebounded with an incredible 67-4 run to snatch the lead away from the Larkenites, led by the double figure exploits of Drew Brees, Clinton Portis, Ronnie “Touchdown” Brown, Calvin Johnson and Nate Kaeding.

They are now poised for their fifth victory in six starts. Going into Monday night action, the Dawgs hold a 103-70 lead over Team Larkin. So unless Jamal Lewis of the Browns rushes for 340 yards against the Dawgs’ Giants defense, the Hounds will get their paws on another victory.

Lewis did set the all-time single season rushing record five years ago when he was a Raven with a 295-yard effort against the Browns. If he breaks that record tonight, I’ll eat my Giants hat, with pepper.

So, those same Dawgs whose draft was poo-pooed by the so-called experts, the same Dawgs who have been picked to lose 5 out of 6 by pigskin pundits,followed by a public apology, those same old Dawgs will soon be 5-1.

The Dawgs loaded up in the early rounds of this year’s Nightcap draft with Portis and Brees. The former is leading the NFL in rushing, and Summer Brees, NFL passing leader, is the fantasy football MVP through six games. Too bad they don’t give extra points for passing efficiency.

The puppy boys are looking to improve their receiving corps, but are otherwise mad and healthy as they enter the stretch run.

Dawgie Bones: The Dawgs have endorsed NFL trade rumors circulating around Tony Gonzalez and Roy Williams. The Dawgs tight end Gonalez could become the G-Man for the G-Men, and the Lions could open up passing lanes for the Dawgs’ model citizen Calvin Johnson by sending Roy Williams packing.


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