Lords of the Ringless: Quarterback Edition

Dan Marino: five AFC passing titles, zero championship rings.

Top Ten
1. Dan Marino:
Lifelong Dolphin Record of 48 touchdown passes in a single season snapped by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady; Favre broke his career record of 420 TD passes in 2007;  third in wins with 147, 1984 NFL MVP; lost Super Bowl XIX to 49ers.

2. Fran Tarkenton: Played for Vikings and Giants; third in careers passing TDs with 342; fifth in yard passing; fourth in wins with 125; 1975 NFL MVP; lost Super Bowl; loser in three Super Bowls with Minnesota.

3. Dan Fouts: 15 seasons with Chargers, led league in touchdown passes in 1981 and 82;  four-times NFL leader in passing yards, 1979-82, 12th all-time with 254 TDs.

4. Y.A. Tittle: 49ers, Giants; three-time MVP, 242 TDs, 16th all time; 7 Pro Bowls; lost three straight NFL championship games 1961-63 with Giants.

5. Jim Kelly: 11-year career with Bills; 10th all-time in wins with 101; 237 TD passes, 18th all-time; lost four consecutive Super Bowls 1990-93.

6. Warren Moon: Played for several teams including Oilers, Vikings; sixth all time in TDs with 291; fourth in passing yards and completions.

 7. Benny Friedman: Played for several teams in 1920s and 30s before knee injury led to retirement; led league in TD passes four straight years, 1927-30.

8. Randall Cunningham: Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys Colts; 207 TDs, led league in passing 1998 with Vikings; three-time MVP 1988, 90, 98.

9. Kenny Anderson: 16-year career with Bengals; four-time Pro Bowler; 197 career TD passes; 1981 MVP; lost Super Bowl XVI to 49ers.

10. Vinnie Testaverde: First overall pick in 1987 draft; played 21 seasons with Bucs, Jets. others; eighth all-time in TDs with 275.

Roman Gabriel: 16 years with Rams, Eagles; four-time Pro Bowler; 1969 MVP;  201 TD passes.

 John Brodie: 49ers, 17 years with 49ers; first team All-Pro 1970; 214 TD passes.

Darryl Lamonica: Bills, Raiders; twice first-team All Pro; lost to Packers in Super Bowl II.

Don Meredith: Cowboys, nine years; three Pro Bowls; 135 TDs; lost to Packers twice in NFC championship game.

Steve McNair: recently retired, Oilers, Titans, Ravens; 174 TD passes, lost Super Bowl XXXIV to Rams.

Archie Manning; Saints, 11 seasons; two-time Pro Bowler, 125 TD passes.