Cubs must prove they’re World Series worthy

1. Pressure’s on: Not buying all that pre-season hype about 2016 being the year of the Cubs. Sure, the Cubbies are loaded with young talent, and they did make it to the NLCS last year. But Chicago was swept by the Mets, stretching the futility another year. The Cubs last made the World Series in 1945, when Harry Truman was President. Joe Maddon is a good manager, but he’s not a miracle worker. Get to the World Series first Cubbies, then I’ll believe. After all, the Cubs have been rebuilding since 1908.

2. Hang it up, Peyton: You won the Super Bowl, you’re tied with brother Eli, it’s time to retire. Very few athletes get to go out on top. If you play another season, it can only end bad. Just ask Joe Namath, who finished with the Rams, or Johnny Unitas, who went to the Chargers.

3. Super Bowl leftovers: Only four players have won both a Heisman Trophy and a Super Bowl MVP. Roger Staubach, Jim Plunkett, Marcus Allen and Desmond Howard are the answer to this trivia question. BTW, there has been a least one turnover in every Super Bowl except for Super Bowl 25, when the Giants beat the Bills in the wide-right game.

4. Billy Ball: Mickey Mantle once said this when describing his fiery friend and former Yankee teammate Billy Martin: “Billy is the only guy in the world who can hear someone give him the finger.”

5. Comic genius: Is there a funnier pairing than Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau who play Felix and Oscar in Neil Simon’s 1968 film classic “The Odd Couple.”