My First Baseball Game

Fifty years ago, August 23, 1958, I saw my very first baseball game.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. A seven-year-old kid, walking into Yankee Stadium with my Dad and seeing the immense ballfield, the green facade, the monuments in center field. The pinstriped legends on the field.

That Saturday afternoon, the Chicago White Sox beat the Yankees, 7-1, as Billy Pierce bested Whitey Ford in a battle of southpaws.

Six future Hall of Famers played in that game — Ford, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Enos Slaughter for the Yankees and Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio for the ChiSox.

Ray Boone hit a solo home run and knocked in four runs for Chicago. Moose Skowron homered in the seventh for the only Yankee run.

I’ve been hooked ever since.

PS — Exactly 10 years later, August 23, 1968, I saw 28 innings of baseball at the Stadium. The Yankees won the first game of the twi-night doubleheader, 2-1; the two teams played to a 3-3, 19-inning tie in the nightcap.

10 Comments on “My First Baseball Game”

  1. mdbirdlover says:


  2. John Olsen says:

    I ran in to Moose Skowron at a gas station in Schaumburg today. His snow blower had run out of gas. I asked to see his ring, it was from the ’61 World Series. He reiterated that the ’61 Yanks was the best team that he had played on.

    I am 56 years old. I felt like a little kid. It wasn’t the first time that I had seen him about town, but it was the first time that I chatted with him.

    “The three “Ms” he said, “Maris, Mantle, and Moose!”

    PS, I was a fan of your uncle’s too.. I also remember him from “The Dick Van Dyke Show”.

  3. sportslifer says:

    What a great story. Thanks for your note. I hope you helped the Moose get the snow blower started. About 50 years ago, Uncle Allan once sent me a postcard signed “To Ricky. The Moose Skowron of White Plains.” I still have it.

  4. Ken Pecylak says:

    Hello Lifer,
    I came across your website as I was finding out info about your uncle. I had just watched a DVD of him playing a bad guy on the Andy Griffith Show. It was the Barney’s First Car episode.

    I was a big fan of your uncle. He always made an impact in whatever role he played.

    I got to meet Billy Pierce in Detroit. My dad and I sat next to his uncle at a double header. He took us down between games and I was able to visit the White Sox locker room. My hero was Nellie Fox , since I played third base.

    I grew up in Connecticut but my dad was a Tigers fan. I still am to this day.

    Keep up the website. I live it.

    • sportslifer says:

      Ken, glad you enjoy the blog, Thanks for your note.

      • Jon Lucas says:


        Thanks for sharing your memories. There are many of us who were hooked after that first visit to the Stadium with our dads. My first visit to the Stadium was June 6th, 1971 – Bat Day vs. the Royals. I even wrote a book about that experience – First, Fourth and Last (Trafford Publishing). Enjoy the upcoming season.

      • SportsLifer says:

        Glad you enjoyed Jon, there’s no experience quite like that first visit to the Stadium. Come back often

  5. Dan H. says:

    I was at that game, too! It was also my first time. I was 8. My father worked for a guy in Stamford CT. who had season tickets about 6 rows behind the Yankee dugout. Now and again he would toss the 4 tickets to my father. I was there that day with my dad and 2 of my brothers. I was in complete awe, just like you. My kids laugh whenever I tell them that I saw the patriarch of the baseball Boone family hit a home run. Line shot over the left field fence. The next inning Moose hit one exactly the same way in exactly the same place.

    • SportsLifer says:

      Dan, that’s amazing, your first game as well. And you added the details on the Boone and Skowron HRs. Moose was one of my favorite Yankees. All the best.

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