Lords of The Ringless: Wide Receiver Edition

That’s not a Super Bowl trophy Randy Moss is pointing to – he doesn’t own a ring.

Here’s the latest in the Lords of The Ringless series, a litany of losers featuring wide receivers who have never won a championship — Super Bowl, NFL or AFL.

The team nobody wants to join includes four Hall of Famers — Steve Largent, Charley Taylor, James Lofton and Charlie Joiner — and a host of receivers who rank in the top 20 in the major statistical categories — career receptions, touchdowns, yardage and yards per reception.

And perhaps most surprisingly, two of the top three players on this list — Randy Moss and Terrell Owens — are still active. Both have come close, Moss with the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII and Owens with the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX.

But close doesn’t count with Lords of The Ringless.

Ringless Wide Receivers

1. Randy Moss: 1998-present, Vikings, Raiders, Patriots — 3rd all-time in touchdowns with 135, including record 23 in 2007; 15th all-time in receptions with 843, 9th in yardage with 13,201; led NFL in TDs, 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2007; Offensive Rookie of the Year, 1998.

 2. Steve Largent: 1976-89, Seahawks — Ranks 6th all-time in touchdown receptions with 100; Hall of Famer ranks 17th in career catches with 819; led NFL in receiving yards in 1979 and 1985; seven time Pro Bowler; 1998 Walter Peyton Award winner. (Shown left)

3. Terrell Owens: 1996-present, 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills — 2nd all-time in touchdowns with 139, trails only former teammate Jerry Rice (197); 5th in yardage with 14,122 and 6th in receptions with 951; TO has been named first team All=Pro five times.

4. Cris Carter: 1987-2002, Eagles, Vikings, Dolphins — Stands 3rd all-time with 1,101 receptions; 4th with 130 touchdowns; 7th in yardage with 13,899; 8-time Pro Bowler; led NFL receivers in TDs 1995, 1997, 1999; Walter Payton Award winner in 1999.

5. Charley Taylor: 1964-77, Redskins — started career as halfback before moving to split end; ranks 19th all-time with 79 touchdowns; led league in receptions in 1976 and 1977; 8-time Pro Bowler; inducted into Hall of Fame in 1984

6. Andre Reed: 1985-2000, Bills, Redskins — Tied with TO for 6th in all-time receptions with 951; 11th with 87 touchdown grabs; and 10th in yardage with 13,198; played in four straight Super Bowls with Buffalo; 7-time Pro Bowler.

7. James Lofton: 1978-93, Packers, Raiders, Bills, Rams, Eagles — Stands 6th all time in yardage with 14,004; led league in yards per reception in 1983 and 1984; made Pro Bowl eight times; NFL Hall of Fame.

8. Tim Brown: 1988-2004, Raiders, final year with Tampa Bay — 4th in receptions with 1,094; tied for 6th in TDs with Steve Largent at 100; 3rd in yardage with 14,934; led league in receptions in 1987 with 104; Heisman Trophy winner at Notre Dame in 1987

 9. Charlie Joiner: 1969-86, Oilers, Bengals, Chargers — 65 regular season touchdowns ranks 40th all-time; 3-time Pro Bowler; retired as NFL’s all-time receiving leader; member of NFL Hall of Fame. (Shown right)

10. Irving Fryar: 1984-2000, Patriots, Dolphins, Eagles, Redskins — Ranks 13th all-time in receptions with 851; 5-time Pro Bowler was drafted #1 overall by New England in 1984; 14th overall in TDs with 84.

Honorable Mention

Bobby Mitchell: 1958-68, Browns, Redskins — Hall of Fame flanker; led NFL in receptions and reception yardage in 1962.

Henry Ellard: 1983-98, Rams, Redskins, Pats — 8th all-time in yardage with 13,777; 19th in receptions with 814.

Warren Wells: 1964-70, Lions, Raiders — All-time leader in yards per reception with 23.1; caught 42 TDs in brief 5-year career.

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Lords of the Ringless: Quarterback Edition

Dan Marino: five AFC passing titles, zero championship rings.

Top Ten
1. Dan Marino:
Lifelong Dolphin Record of 48 touchdown passes in a single season snapped by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady; Favre broke his career record of 420 TD passes in 2007;  third in wins with 147, 1984 NFL MVP; lost Super Bowl XIX to 49ers.

2. Fran Tarkenton: Played for Vikings and Giants; third in careers passing TDs with 342; fifth in yard passing; fourth in wins with 125; 1975 NFL MVP; lost Super Bowl; loser in three Super Bowls with Minnesota.

3. Dan Fouts: 15 seasons with Chargers, led league in touchdown passes in 1981 and 82;  four-times NFL leader in passing yards, 1979-82, 12th all-time with 254 TDs.

4. Y.A. Tittle: 49ers, Giants; three-time MVP, 242 TDs, 16th all time; 7 Pro Bowls; lost three straight NFL championship games 1961-63 with Giants.

5. Jim Kelly: 11-year career with Bills; 10th all-time in wins with 101; 237 TD passes, 18th all-time; lost four consecutive Super Bowls 1990-93.

6. Warren Moon: Played for several teams including Oilers, Vikings; sixth all time in TDs with 291; fourth in passing yards and completions.

 7. Benny Friedman: Played for several teams in 1920s and 30s before knee injury led to retirement; led league in TD passes four straight years, 1927-30.

8. Randall Cunningham: Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys Colts; 207 TDs, led league in passing 1998 with Vikings; three-time MVP 1988, 90, 98.

9. Kenny Anderson: 16-year career with Bengals; four-time Pro Bowler; 197 career TD passes; 1981 MVP; lost Super Bowl XVI to 49ers.

10. Vinnie Testaverde: First overall pick in 1987 draft; played 21 seasons with Bucs, Jets. others; eighth all-time in TDs with 275.

Roman Gabriel: 16 years with Rams, Eagles; four-time Pro Bowler; 1969 MVP;  201 TD passes.

 John Brodie: 49ers, 17 years with 49ers; first team All-Pro 1970; 214 TD passes.

Darryl Lamonica: Bills, Raiders; twice first-team All Pro; lost to Packers in Super Bowl II.

Don Meredith: Cowboys, nine years; three Pro Bowls; 135 TDs; lost to Packers twice in NFC championship game.

Steve McNair: recently retired, Oilers, Titans, Ravens; 174 TD passes, lost Super Bowl XXXIV to Rams.

Archie Manning; Saints, 11 seasons; two-time Pro Bowler, 125 TD passes.