Fear and Loathing in Reno

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

15 hours to Reno, Nevada. By air, from Newburgh, NY, to Philadelphia, to Phoenix, and fat last on to Reno. All three flights delayed.

Finally arrived at the Grand Sierra Resort in the wee hours of the morning, only to discover the hotel doesn’t have wireless.

No wireless. Imagine that, web boy.

Now I realize that Nevada hotels want guests in the casinos spending money, not browsing the Internet in their rooms. But they do offer pillows, showers and room service.

Come on, this is the 21st Century. Get with the Internet program GSR.

The rooms have Ethernet cables for high-speed Internet access… or which the hotel charges $12.99 a day.

That is, if you’re able to connect. After hours on line with various help desks and moving mountains (well at least large desks) to reboot modems, this guest was finally able to get online. For a while, anyway. Until the system crashed.

Even in the sports book, which at least is connected to the outside world via satellite TV, the news was all bad. Yankees swept at Fenway. Rangers lose game six to the Washington Caps. The Giants, with a chance to get Braylon Edwards or Anquan Boldin, settling for Hakeem Nicks and a tall guy from Cal Poly at wide receiver.

Hunter S. Thompson would never settle for this!