Jabbar part of the conversation of best ever

1758742ADB_DNA023133068Who’s the best basketball player in history?

The most popular answer is Michael Jordan. Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain are popular selections. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are certainly in the conversation. LeBron James is a favorite of the current generation and still climbing.

A name that rarely…if ever…comes up is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Surprising, considering the big man’s pedigree. Here are 10 supporting arguments for Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the best ever.

1. POINTS: He’s the leading scorer in NBA history with 37,387 points. Karl Malone is second.

2. MVP: Kareem won the NBA MVP award a record six times. Jordan won five and LeBron is a four-time winner.

3. RINGS: He’s won six NBA championships, one with the Bucks and five with the Lakers. Only Robert Horry and a bunch of Celtics have won more. Russell is the leader with 11.

4. DEFENSE: Kareem was selected to the NBA’s All-Defensive team 11 times.

5. REBOUNDS: He’s fourth all-time in rebounds with 17,440, trailing only Wilt, Russell and Malone.

6. ALL-STAR: Jabbar appeared in 19 NBA All-Star games, the most in history. Kobe Bryant is second with 18.

7. BLOCKS: Only Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutumbo have more blocks than Kareem.

8. UCLA: Won three straight NCAA titles with UCLA in 1967,68 and 69, and made first team All-American each year.

9. GAMES: Only Robert Parrish played in more NBA games than Jabbar.

10. SCORING AVERAGE: Kareem averaged 24.6 points per game throughout his career.


Thank You, Big Blue

Never been a big Celtics fan. Always rooted against them when they faced the Lakers and 76ers in the glory years, always wanted Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain and later Magic Johnson to beat The Green.

In fact, I root against all the Boston teams. Didn’t always feel that way. Actually rooted for the Red Sox in the 1967 World Series — before I knew better. Kinda liked the Patriots before they got good and too full of themselves.

That’s why we need to thank the New York Giants. Without them, Boston has a clean sweep of the three major sports championships.

Big Blue View
makes exactly that point in a blog called ‘Everyone take a second today’…..to thank the G-Men.

For instance, SBaker TheTouchdownMaker says: “If you have a fat friend named Bobby from Worcester that hasn’t yet taken the price tags off his Kevin Garnett jersey, thank the New York Giants today.”

I think I know fat Bobby from Worcester. Yeah, he’s the guy that still insists Frank Malzone had a better glove then Graig Nettles.