4 OTs: Knicks take losing to the next extreme

The Knicks, who have found strange and unusual ways to lose basketball games during a prolonged January slump, have taken defeat to a new extreme. Overtime. Make that quadruple overtime.

The final score of the Knicks longest game in more than 66 years was Atlanta 142, New York 139. It was their longest game since January 23, 1951, when the Knicks lost 102-92 to the Rochester Royals in another four OT thriller.

In that game at the Rochester Arena, Arnie Risen scored 26 points and Bob Davies 25 to pace the Royals (now the Sacramento Kings). Vince Boryla scored 24 points and Max Zaslofsky 19 for the Knicks. Photo above depicts Knicks-Royals action from a 1951 tilt.

Less than three weeks before the quadruple overtime win over the Knicks, the Royals played an NBA record six-overtime game against the Indianapolis Olympians. The Royals won that game too, 75-73.

1951 proved to be a landmark year for the Royals. The franchise won its only championship, beating the Knicks in 7 games in the NBA Finals. The Royals took a 3-0 lead in the finals, lost the next three, then prevailed 79-75 in Game 7.

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