Yankee stinker: Poor start is one for the books

The Yankees are not just lousy, they’re historically bad. In fact, their 8-15 start, is one of the worst in team history. If the aging Yankees continue their poor play, they could finish in last place for just the fifth time in their history. That happens to teams that can’t hit, pitch or catch the ball.

Now Joe Girardi knows how Harry Wolverton, right, felt more than a hundred years ago. Wolverton was the skipper of the worst team in Yankee history, the 1912 edition. Then known as the Highlanders, they were 50-102 for a .329 percentage — last in the American League, 55 games behind Boston. The Highlanders had a 7-16 record through 23 games

The 1908 Highlanders won 15 of their first 23 and then fell completely apart. They finished last in the AL at 51-103.

50 years ago, in 1966, the Yankees were 7-16 through 23 games. New York won just four of its first 16 games before Ralph Houk took over the managerial reins from Johnny Keane. The change didn’t help. The Yankees finished last in the American League for the first time since 1912 at 70-89.

25 years later, in 1991, the Bombers started 7-16 and stumbled to a fifth place finish in the AL East with a 71-91 mark under Stump Merrill. The previous year the Yankees finished seventh (and last) in the AL East at 67-95, yet still managed to win 10 of their first 23.



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