Giants going from bad to worst

            Eli Manning knows it. So do the Giants. Something stinks in New York.


Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Owen who?

Owen five New York Giants

The Giants have been around for 88 years, just like my father. But less than two years after their thrilling Super Bowl triumph over the Patriots, the Giants are on the way to their worst season ever.

For the first time under Tom Coughlin and just the third time in their history, the Giants are 0-5. Throw out the 1987 start, when they used replacement players during a labor lockout, and the Giants last began 0-5 in 1979.

That year, they lost twice to the Eagles, and also fell to the Cardinals, Redskins and Saints under Archie Manning. Then a rookie rookie quarterback named Phil Simms took over and led them to four straight wins and a 6-10 final record.

The other 0-5 start — go back to 1976, the first year in Giants Stadium, when New York lost its’ first nine games en route to a 3-11 mark.

Today’s Giants don’t play defense. The last team to allow five straight opponents to score 30 or more points to start the season was the 1954 Chicago Cardinals. No Giants team has ever given up 182 points in five games to start the year. Check. Check.

The offense has been just as futile. The 38-0 defeat at the hands of the Panthers in week 2 was the Giants worst shutout loss in 40 years, when  the Raiders, behind quarterbacks Ken Stabler and Darryl Lamonica and an ageless kicker named George Blanda, beat New York 42-0.

Wait, it gets worse. The five worst teams club history all started better than this year’s Giants:

  • The 1966 team, which finished 1-12-1 — the worst won-loss record in team history — and allowed a record 501 points, tied the Steelers 34-34 in the opening game
  • Bill Arnsparger’s 1974 team stunned the Cowboys in game three yet finished 2-12
  • The 2-11-1 1973 squad beat the Oilers and tied the Eagles in the first two games before losing seven in a row
  • The 1966 Giants managed to beat the Redskins 13-10 in week three and wound up 2-10-2
  • And in 1947 the Giants tied the Boston Yanks 7-7 in the opener and finished 2-8-2

These teams may soon have company. Look on the bright side, Giants fans. Sundays are opening up. Join the Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes, win valuable prizes.

PS — In case you’re wondering, the worst shutout loss in Giants history — 45-0 to the Eagles in 1948. And the biggest losing margin — 56 points, a 63-7 embarrassment to the Steelers in 1952.

One Comment on “Giants going from bad to worst”

  1. JIMBO says:

    Fortunately they aren’t televised in Atl……and I’m not so sure Clowney will be the top pick based on his performance, and lack thereof last night!

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