Dolphins use IBM Smarter Cities technology to boost fan experience at Sun Life Stadium

Data is everywhere today. But it’s turning that data into useful, real-time information that makes all the difference.

To that point, IBM is working with the Miami Dolphins to enhance the overall fan experience for sports, music and media at Sun Life Stadium

By using analytics technology from IBM, the Dolphins are transforming Sun Life into a state-of-the-art entertainment destination.

The Dolphins will have a complete interconnected view of stadium activity — from weather alerts, to security to traffic flow into and around the stadium — allowing them to predict and act according to real-time events.

Those same analytics will allow the Dolphins to analyze visitor spending habits on concessions, merchandise and dining services to see through the eyes of the fan. They’ll be able to predict consumer preferences for both current and future events, helping to reduce inefficiencies and ultimately costs.

Sun Life is using IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities, supported on the IBM SmartCloud, to address the logistical and management challenges facing the stadium staff.

“Stadiums such as Sun Life have become microcosms of cities with similar requirements for services such as water, energy, transportation, communication and public safety,” said Gerry Mooney, GM, IBM Smarter Cities.  “IBM is working around the world to make stadiums smarter by infusing intelligent automation that senses and acts to improve conditions including rerouting traffic, predicting overflows, ensuring public safety and preventing outages.”

The Dolphins and Sun Life will also be able to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to engage with fans both locally in South Florida and around the world.

Now if only the Dolphins could use analytics technology to find their way back to the football prowess they experienced when they won their last Super Bowl nearly 40 years ago.


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