LIN-sanity: Top 10 Jeremy LIN-isms

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has quickly become one LIN-credible story.

It’s LIN-sane.

He’s taken the NBA by surprise, Twitter by trend, and the Giants off the back pages of the New York tabloids.

You cannot stop Jeremy Lin…you can only hope to contain him.

A little over a week ago, Lin was buried at the end of the Knick bench, just up from the Erie BayHawks of the D-League, cut by both the Rockets and Warriors. Jeremy who?

He had never started an NBA game or scored more than 13 points. Now he’s setting records.

Lin doused the Los Angeles Lakers for a career-high 38 points the other night. He scored 89 points in his first three career starts, the most by any player since the merger between the NBA and ABA in 1976-77. That includes Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe, LeBron…all of them.

He is the first NBA player to average at least 20 points and seven assists in his first three starts since 1991.

Lin played college ball at Harvard, an institute of higher learning that has produced more U.S. Presidents than NBA players.

Undrafted out of college, he was signed by Golden State and was used sparingly last year. Lin was picked up the Houston Rockets, then waived, and signed with the Knicks as a free agent on December 27. Talk about a holiday present.

One of the few Asian Americans in NBA history, Lin is also the first American player to be of Chinese or of Taiwanese descent in the league.

Headline writers, bloggers and quipsters coast to coast and around the world are having a field day with Jeremy Lin phenomenon.

Here are the SportsLifer’s top 10 LIN-isms.

The Mighty LIN

All he does is LIN

LINcredible Story

He’s a LINtellectual from Harvard

The LIN Dynasty

Oh, the LINsanity

LINderella Story

Knicks Missing LINk

Super LINtendo



7 Comments on “LIN-sanity: Top 10 Jeremy LIN-isms”

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  2. Mike says:

    The TermLINator

  3. Heather says:


  4. You have to be Lin-It to Lin-It!

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