Fantasy Football Is Reality for 27 Million


More than 27 million Americans live a fantasy life. They play fantasy football.

According to a recent feature in AdWeek by Anthony Crupi — headlined ‘Billion Dollar Draft’ — media companies are cashing in on that sports obsession.

This year, we’ll spend an estimated $800 million per year on fantasy sports media products and services, according to the market research firm Ipsos. And football gets 71 percent of that spend.

Way before the Internet, fantasy football started as a small cottage industry which tested the math skills of owners who kept their team stats.

With broadband access and mobile usage, fantasy football has grown……fast.

This year, for example, ESPN’s fantasy football use is up 19 percent year-to-year. ESPN’s fantasy site had more than 100 million page hits in the first month of the season, according to AdWeek.

Dutchess Dawgs in The Hunt
ESPN hosts my fantasy league, the Nightcap Football  League (NFL), a group of current and former IBM PR guys who are living out their GM fantasies..

My team, the Dutchess Dawgs, has won three division titles in four years, and advanced to the championship game three times– only to lose each time.

This year the Dawgs are struggling just to stay in the playoff hunt. Losing first pick Jamaal Charles for the season in game two hurt… have recent injuries to Miles Austin, Ahmad Bradshaw, Julio Jones, AJ Green and Shonn Greene.

But the Dawgs have managed to hang around, fueled by recent waiver wire acquisitions like Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Pettigrew and Earl Bennett.

With just two weeks remaining in the season, the 6-5 Dawgs are locked in a three-way tie for the Nightcap Superman Division lead.


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