There’s A Reason They Call It Fantasy Football


There’s a reason they call it fantasy football. You guessed it. It’s not real, it’s fantasy

Having said that, the Dutchess Dawgs, fresh off their third divisional title in four years, are enjoying a bye week in the Nightcap Fantasy Football League (NFFL) playoffs.

The Dawgs are the SportsLifer’s entry in the fantasy football. But my rooting interest in the real New York Football Giants takes precedence over any individual activities on the fields of fantasy.

That explains why the Giants defense/special teams and running back Ahmad Bradshaw play for the Dawgs. And why there are rarely any Cowboys, Eagles or Redskins on the Dawgs roster.

Limping into Playoffs
After jumping out to an 8-2 record, the Dawgs come limping into the playoffs in the throes of a three-game losing streak.

Three lead dogs on the team — quarterback Philip Rivers, running back Ray Rice and wide receiver Roddy White — have slumped in recent weeks, contributing mightily to the slide.

The Dawgs have received consistent production from wide receivers Marques Colston and Mike Wallace throughout the season

And after releasing Visanthe Shiancoe midway through the season, Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Pettigrew have alternated at tight end and provided points for the Dawgs

Earlier this week the Dutchess entry picked up kicker Josh Brown to replace the erratic Nick Folk.

Just remember, it ain’t real, it’s fantasy.

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