Can You Do Better Than Best of The Best?


1. Name me a better football player than Jim Brown?

2. Name me a better baseball player than Babe Ruth?

3. Name me a better basketball player than Michael Jordan?

4. Name me a better hockey player than Wayne Gretzky?

4 Comments on “Can You Do Better Than Best of The Best?”

  1. TC says:

    Rick, I’m not sure you’re going to get any other comments on these post since I think you’ve asked four unanswerable questions. These are the greatest. However, despite the lack of championships, I think that Chamberlain might challenge Jordan as the greatest. Statistically, far superior, albeit in a more offensive era. Wilt also had more head-to-head competition – Russell, Nate Thurmond, even the young Kareem. I just can’t think of any player that challenged Jordan – was that because he was so dominant or was it because Jordan’s era didn’t produce worthy challengers? Also, basketball had to change its rules as a result of Wilt – offensive goaltending, lane widening etc.

    • sportslifer says:

      Tom, I think Jordan sparks the most debate of these four. Wilt certainly had superior numbers. Guys like Russell, Kareem, Bird, Magic even West and Oscar get consideration here.

  2. Paul Neuman says:

    for No. 1 … Marion Motley. Of course, this answer marks me as an old fart. I like Otto Graham, too. SI’s Paul Zimmerman in his “Thinking Man’s Guide to Football” also called Motley the greatest football player of all time. His comparative stats were fantastic. And he also played linebacker. Isn’t it interesting that Motley, Graham and Jim Brown all played under Paul Brown, another all-time great. All your picks are good ones.
    4 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    • sportslifer says:

      The Cleveland connection — you make some good points. Sad how low the Browns have sunk….though they have been showing signs of life lately. Jim Brown played nine years, won eight rushing titles, and averaged 5.2 yards a carry. His 106 touchdowns ranks fifth all time. He’s the best in my book. Motley was a terrific two-way player, and Graham is one of the most under-rated QBs in history. I had Otto 5th on my all-time list, behind Unitas, Montana, Favre and Marino.

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