Won for The Boss

The Yankees do it right

Flowers at home plate

Bob Sheppard’s silent mike


And finally, a walk-off win.

A George Tale

My old friend Chuck sent me this e-mail the other day. Wanted to share it with you.

“Met George at Lauderdale by the sea in florida in 2002- He saw my tattered yankee cap -sat down at the bar and ordered a coke and a cheeseburger.I spent almost an hour talkin nothin but yankee baseball- and like you- I was filled with old and new stats and rattled off like a 2 year old on x-mas. What was amazing was this guy was just as into it as … was- talking with his mouth full and ketchup everywhere.In the end- he said come to the game opener and he will give me a new hat. Sure enough- 2 months later – at the stadium- there was my hat- with a note-“Chuck- thanks for the passion- its what drives us on – G.S.” I still got the hat and note- and the experience!”

Must be more George Steinbrenner stories out there. Send me yours.


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