Rangers Need to Dump Sather, Tortorella


A decade of lousy management is long enough. Goodbye Dr. Evil, Glen Sather.

Let’s not let the Rangers inspired run for the final playoff slot these last few weeks cloud the issue.

Truth is, if the Rangers showed the same intensity in all those mid-season games they messed up, especially the home games, they never would have found themselves in this position.

Bottom line: Glen Sather must go, and take John Tortorella with him. Bring in Mark Messier and Mike Keenan, the two men most responsible for the Rangers only Stanley Cup in 70 years.

Listen, we know James Dolan loves Sather’s Edmonton pedigree. But the guy has been in New York for 10 years now, and has won squat.

In 10 years, Sather’s Rangers have never finished higher than third in their division. And in those 10 years they’ve missed the playoffs five times, and won a total of two playoff series.

During his reign, Sather has released such beloved Rangers as Brian Leetch and Adam Graves and failed to hold on to Jaromir Jagr. That didn’t stop him from bringing in busts like Eric Lindros, Pavel Bure, Bobby Holik and Scott Gomez, just to name a few.

Other than Tom Renney, Sather’s coaching choices — like Bryan Trottier, Ron Low and himself — have left the Rangers high, dry and misguided.

Tortorella ought to be fired, if for no other reason than his senseless decision to pul  goalie Henrik Lundquist in the second period of a loss to the Buffalo Sabres in the final week of the season.

Lundquist carried the Ragners onn his back all season — without him, they are not even sniffing a playoff berth. Sadly, Henrik’s reputation as king of the shootout took a loss in the final loss to the Flyers.

But Lundquist is not the Rangers problem. Sather is. And Torts must go took  Time to clean house, Jimmy Dolan.

Bring back some excitement and a winning tradition to the Garden. Bring back Messier and Keenan.


4 Comments on “Rangers Need to Dump Sather, Tortorella”

  1. Will R says:

    I agree. Give Messier and Keenan the reins. Though I rooted for the Rangers in today’s final game that decided whether they or the Flyers would advance to the playoffs, I couldn’t help but think they didn’t deserve to advance. The only heroics were by Lundquist in the Rangers’ goal.. The rest of the team, outshot 47-25!!!, couldn’t get through the neutral zone and more often that not had to dump the puck. Another lackluster year by an uninspired team.

    • sportslifer says:

      Yep, my sentiments exactly. I wanted them to win too, but in the back of my mind hoping that if they lost, then they had no excuses not to clean house.

  2. Kevin says:

    You could not have put it any better. Sather is a complete idiot. The Rangers played their best hockey under Renney. Renney recognized our strengths an weaknesses and set up a system that worked. Torts “high octane” offense is great when you have a clue on how to coach defensively but when you allow 40+ shots a game like the Rangers did many of times, Lundqvist cant win them all for us. Mess and Keenan is a great idea. Let’s get Turco to back up Lundqvist instead of rolling through minor league goalies to try and get the job done.

    • sportslifer says:

      Time to make a change. Torts threw just about every Ranger but Henrik under the bus after the season ended. Plenty of those guys should go — he should too. Too many years of lousy hockey at the Garden.

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