Wishing Well: 10 Changes We Need in Sports

Imagine if there really was a playoff system in college football, and that we really knew Alabama  was the national champion.

Ever wish you could change the world? How about the world of sports?

If the SportsLifer had the power, here’s 10 changes he would make:

1. A College Football playoff system

Let’s get it right…..finally. Give us an 8-team playoff. It’s a no-brainer

2. A daytime World Series game….and a doubleheader, too

Mandate one daytime Series game and one doubleheader per team, per season

3. Change in NFL OT rules so both teams get a chance

Each team gets the ball once in overtime….after that it’s sudden death

4. Change the NHL system for regulation wins

Three points for a regulation win; if game goes to OT/shootout rules apply

5. Schedule last two NFL games with division rivals

To lessen the chance of teams tanking, schedule the last two game within division

6. Call palming violations in NBA and NCAA

The palming violation is still a basketball rule, so call it once in a while beyond CYO

7. Charge a team error in baseball

If you can’t find a culprit on a pop-up or other botched play, give the team an error

8. A national holiday day after the Super Bowl

The least productive day in American industry now becomes a day of rest

9. One replay per team, per MLB game (no balls and strikes)

Not a big fan of replay, but let’s make use of technology to get the call right

10. NCAA Basketball Tournament, don’t change a thing

If if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. March Madness still works just fine, thank you


2 Comments on “Wishing Well: 10 Changes We Need in Sports”

  1. Bob DiLallo says:

    More TV shots of cheerleaders. Coverage has grown was to meager.

    I love the idea of the team error in baseball, the Super Bowl Holiday, and the football OT suggestion. The last always seems so wrong to me.

  2. Tc says:

    Sportlifer, great post, especially in this dull sports stretch post-superbowl, pre-playoffs and baseball. Agree with all but one- love World Series day game – perhaps a baseball equivalent of the NHL’s winter classics – the outdoor rink.
    Also great – 3, 5, 8 – nat’l holiday! However, the problem for me is a college football playoff, greatly lengthening the season. 1. The players are students , not pros. 2. They are kids – some starting at 18-19. In a brutal sport, every game added is dangerous- why boxing cut rounds from 15 to 12.

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