The Power of 7 Pays Off for Big Blue

For weeks now, the SportsLifer has been living 7, breathing 7 — in waking hours, sleeping hours, all day, all the time, 24X7.

The crowning glory came on Monday, when IBM rolled out its new POWER7 servers, smarter systems for a smarter planet. Systems designed to manage the most demanding emerging applications, ranging from smart electrical grids to real-time analytics for financial markets.

At the heart of these new systems is the latest entry in IBM’s POWER processor lineup, the POWER7 microprocessor, an innovative multi-core chip high on performance and low on energy consumption.

With POWER7 heavy on the mind, the SportsLifer ventured to Mickey Mantle’s on Central Park South to watch the Super Bowl with colleagues and industry analysts.

How serendipitous. Mickey Mantle. The Commerce Comet. The Mick. The Magnificent Number 7.

And when the boxes for the Super Bowl pool were filled, how perfect was it that the ‘Lifer drew Saints 7, Colts 7.

Those dual 7s didn’t win any cash. But along with Mickey Mantle, they portended good things to come.

Lucky number 7 aligned the stars for a great POWER7 announcement for IBM.


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