The Sorry States of New York (And New Jersey)

Unwatchable is a good word to describe the play of teams like the Knicks.

Now that the focus has shifted from the Yankees championship run, New York metropolitan area sports fans have had a rude awakening.

The veil has been lifted, and what we’re left with is mediocrity at best, and far beyond awful at worst.

So far this month, the Yankees have more wins (three) than the Giants, Jets, Knicks and Nets combined (two).*

That’s bound to change on Saturday when the winless Nets (0-12) play the hapless Knicks (2-9) in a Jersey swamp showdown. Somebody’s gonna lose, but somebody’s gotta win too. Plenty of good seats are still available.

Here’s the sorry breakdown, sport by sport:


The Giants, picked by many to be Super Bowl contenders, started the season with five straight wins. But the Giants were facing an easy schedule, and have lost four in a row since they began taking on some real teams.

The Jets began their season with a new coach, high hopes and three straight wins. But since then they have lost five of six, including horrible losses to the Dolphins, Bills and Jaguars.


Fans are wondering, is it possible for a team to go through an entire season without a victory? Nah, the Nets still have four games left with the Knicks, they should be able to win a couple of those.

Meanwhile the Knicks have already bailed on this season. But do they really believe that LeBron, D-Wade or any other free agent would want to play for a franchise that hasn’t won a title since 1973?


The Rangers got off to a great start with seven straight wins, but then stopped scoring goals and are now in a major rut.

The Islanders…or the Icelanders as a local radio personality refers to them….have been lousy for a quarter century.

The Devils are playing well, leaders in the Atlantic Division. But hey, nobody cares. They’re from New Jersey

*Actually the Yankees have three wins in November if you count their Halloween victory over the Phillies, which ended on November 1.


2 Comments on “The Sorry States of New York (And New Jersey)”

  1. Caardel says:

    New York teams are performing poorly and I think that it’s a matter of time before they win. Hopefully, we can bring another championship home in the coming years.

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