10 Essential Baseball Web Sites

Just like the old Yankee Stadium scoreboard, these essential Web sites help     baseball fans keep on top of the game.

Wanna know who made the last out in Don Larsen’s perfect game? How many doubles Ted Williams hit in 1941? Who’s pitching ‘s pitching for the Cardinals tonight? Where was Hall of Famer Eddie Collins born?

And there’s so much more. Information on old ballparks and new, the latest news from newspapers around the country, box scores galore, statistical analyses.

It’s all just a click away with these 10 essential baseball links.

Top 10 Sites

Baseball reference.com: Stats on every player who ever lived, award winners, leaders through the years, and so much more.

Retrosheet.com: Box scores for every major league game since 1953 and every post-season game ever played. Nuff said.

MLB.com: The official site of major league baseball, links to every team site.

Hall of Fame.com: Information on baseball’s elite, Cooperstown and more.

US sports pages.com: Want local coverage, this is your link. Every major sports section in the country. Search be region, columnist and more.

Baseball almanac.com: The official baseball history site. “Where what happened yesterday is preserved today.” Year-by-year history, NL since 1876.

Ballparks of baseball.com: Old fields, new fields, even future fields. Everything the baseball road warrior needs, complete with travel guides.

Baseball library.com: Cool stuff such as this day in baseball, historical matchups, team year-by-year histories.

Fangraphs.com: Daily reports, stat analysis, graphs. A terrific fantasy baseball tool.

John Skilton’s baseball-links.com: Welcome to the Web’s most comprehensive collection of links to baseball resources. There are currently 12788 unique links indexed in the categories below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it probably doesn’t exist.

Best of The Rest

And a few other links to satisfy your baseball appetite.

Owner’s Edge.com: Accurate, up-to-date listing of probable pitchers.

SABR.com: The Society for American Baseball Research.

Ballparks.com: Ballpark reviews, rankings, essays all on current stadiums.

Baseball tips.com: The instructional site, teaching coaches, players and fans about winning baseball.


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