CRASH!!! Going Zero for the Final Four


That sound you heard was brackets breaking.

Been hearing it all weekend.


Things started out so well. Coming into the regional finals had three of four teams still alive.

Cookin’ with gal. Ready to rumble. Pedal to the metal.

Then it all came unraveled.

UConn’s win over Mizzou, no big deal. Had Memphis in this bracket, losing in the national semis.

Later Saturday Pitt, another of my Final Four teams, lost a heartbreak to Villanova, which is looking like this year’s Cinderella..

Again, no problemo. It was all locking in for the SportsLifer.

Had the inside track on the money in Comms Before the Storm. Just needed a Louisville-Oklahoma final and a Cardinal title.

Number one seed Louisville seemed like a lock.

Not so said Michigan State.


Well how about the Sooners. Forget about it. North Carolina in a romp.


The SportsLifer has done well in the office NCAA pool the past three years. Rode UCLA to a third place finish in 2006. Had the Final Four in 2007, had Florida beating Ohio State, even went to the game in Atlanta. And still finished out of the money in the nation’s toughest pool. And last year, looked good with North Carolina until Kansas buried them in the national semis.

So now the Lifer feels like Mr. Loser.

It’s tough not to pick a single Final Four team. Like playing one of those football cards in Vegas and getting every game wrong. Been there, done that.

Is there some sort of consolation prize at least?


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