When Great Is Not Good Enough

For some baseball players, being great just wasn’t good enough. Money, adulation and a lifetime legacy, nice but….these guys were greedy, and they had to have more.

In Biblical proportions, greed is the golden calf, one of the seven deadly sins, the Tenth Commandment.

The 18th Century economist Adam Smith theorized that capitalism itself was based on the sin of greed. Greed caused the financial mess we’re in today. It’s responsible for crooked CEOS and brokers and wayward politicians.

Think greed. Think Nero, Napoleon and Nixon.

And greed is what has permanently ruined the reputations of some of the best ballplayers of this generation, perhaps some of the best of all time.

Yes, greed has stained the records of five certain Hall of Famers, placed invisible syringes like asterisks next to their names and numbers in the record books.

Five Cheaters
Five names tell a tale of shame. The starting five of steroids. Five cheaters — Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez.

All of them had it made. All were sure-fire Hall of Famers. Yet they cheated, took performance-enhancing drugs to boost their records and extend their careers.

They were greedy. And they got caught.

For McGwire and Sosa, steroids fueled their pursuit of baseball’s most cherished record, the single season home run mark. They broke records that had lasted for decades upon decades.

So Bonds, jealous about the attention being lavished upon McGwire and Sosa, took drugs, and eventually raised the bar even higher, breaking the records for homers in a season and a career.

Clemens took drugs to stem a career decline at age 33, and wound up winning his 300th game and four more Cy Young Awards. He got greedy, then pitifully tried to clear his name. It didn’t work.

A-Rod’s Excuses
Finally, there’s A-Rod. He’s got a million excuses for taking steroids — from youthful ignorance and stupidity (at age 25) to pressure, to his cousin. The reason was simple — greed.

Once considered a clean star worthy of home run records to come, A-Roid now joins the list of all-star abusers

Greed got McGwire and Sosa, Bonds and Clemens, and A-Rod.

Hope it was worth it guys. Greed pays in the end, it always does.

And you’ve gone from the Hall of Fame to the Hall of Shame.


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