Knick of Time: LeBron Made for New York

LeBron James would be a perfect fit with the New York Knicks.

Dear LeBron,

You don’t know me, but you should read what I have to say. Or better yet, what New York basketball fans have to say.

Please come to New York. Come to the Knicks.

Oh, you could be comfortable and stick with Cleveland, a nice team in a rust belt town. You could see if the Lakers or Celtics could get under the cap, perhaps try to continue the winning tradition in San Antonio or Detroit, somewhere like that..

But if you want to live up to the nickname King James, if you really want to be the King, you’ll come to New York.

LeBron, New York is the place to be. To quote Sinatra, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

You’ll have more business opportunities than you can imagine. Your profile will be elevated to another level.

There’s plenty of money here in Manhattan. Salary cap. What salary cap? Isiah Thomas complained about it for years, Donnie Walsh took care of the problem in 15 minutes on a Friday afternoon last November.

Plenty of Room

The Knicks have already made room for you, two years ahead of time.

And if you win a championship in New York, you will be set for life in the most important city in the world.

Lead the Knicks to the promised land, and you’ll never have to buy another meal or a drink in this city.

But don’t ask me, ask the guys that have been there, done that.

Make sure to speak to Walt “Clyde” Frazier, the Captain Willis Reed and Senator Bill Bradley about what it’s like to win an NBA championship in New York.

Ask them to tell you about May 8, 1970, when Willis walked on the court to a deafening ovation and Clyde played the game of his life to help the Knicks beat the Lakers for their first championship.

Those Knicks, and the Knicks that won a second title three years later, are still revered in New York sports lore, still remembered 36 years after those championship runs.

Yeah, talk to those Knicks and their fans who’ve experienced that Garden electricity and the buzz that envelops Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena, during a big game.

New York Loves a Winner

Ask guys like Joe Namath or Mark Messier, who guaranteed victory for their New York teams and then delivered.

Ask Eli Manning, whose Giants won over this city in February with an improbable Super Bowl victory and turned jeers to cheers.

You’re a Yankee fan LeBron. Ask Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera what it was like to wear the pinstripes in the late 90s, when the Yankees owned the world…and more importantly, owned New York.

New York is a sports town, and basketball is the city game. It’s a perfect match.

So LeBron, come to the Knicks and you can have all that. Come here and win a championship and you will be king for life.

King of the biggest, most important city in the world, the center of the universe.

King of New York.

It’s there for the taking, LeBron.

All the best,

The SportsLifer

2 Comments on “Knick of Time: LeBron Made for New York”

  1. Derek Taylor says:

    No way. I live on the West coast, and am neutral as far as what town LeBron goes to. But I think he is beginning to develop the “Tiger Woods Mentality.” From the day he first realized he was good at golf (which is when he was like 4) Tiger wanted to be better than Nicklaus. This has always been his goal. Likewise, LeBron wants to be the best basketball player ever. And the only way he has a remote chance of being considered better than Jordan is if he stays in Cleveland. Take a second and think about the players who you consider the best of all time. They were all the leaders of teams built around them that went on to win multiple championships. If LeBron goes the “2010 New York All Stars”–which is what they will be if they can get two or more from the free agent class–he undermines his chances of being the greatest. Even if he went on to win 6 straight rings with the knickerbockers, doing it along with another star like Bosh, Wade, or whoever, he wouldn’t be considered the greatest. But, if he could do something similar in Cleveland, building a team around him like he has this year, he is in the running for best ever.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he will win 6 rings in Cleveland and I don’t think he is going to go down as better than MJ. But if he wants to do this, he will stay a Cav.

  2. sportslifer says:

    If LeBron comes to New York and wins, he’ll increase his chances of being the best ever. Let’s face it, the lights shine brighter on Broadway than over Lake Erie. Jordan had a Hall of Fame sidekick in Pippen, yet many still consider him the best ever. Ruth had Gehrig, Gretzky had Messier. LeBron’s star was made for New York.

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