A Sad Sunday

It’s a sad Sunday. In many ways, today’s NFL Conference Championship games mark the end of the NFL season.

Of course, there won’t be any games next Sunday, as we go through the interminable, two-week wait for the Super Bowl where no story angles are left unturned.

And Super Sunday is much different than a regular NFL Sunday. After all, the Super Bowl is much more than a football game.

Super Sunday means millions of onlookers (don’t call them football fans) who don’t know who’s quarterbacking or even who’s playing. Spectators who are more interested in which party to attend, the barrage of commercials and the halftime show.

Years ago, I went to a friend’s wedding at the legendary Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. It was hardly your typical wedding. The booze was flowing, the dance floor was mobbed all night. At one point, a bunch of us commandeered the main stage and began signing. People were coming from other weddings in the hotel to check on our wedding and see what all the noise was about.

The next day, the hostess at breakfast turned to a bunch of us and said: “That wasn’t a wedding, it was a Broadway show.”

That’s what the Super Bowl is — it’s not a football game, it’s a Broadway Show. It’s a carnival, a rock concert, a fiesta, a fashion statement, a gambler’s delight. It’s about celebrities and pre-game shows and post-game shows.

The Super Bowl is more than a football game. Much more.


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