Damn The BCS, Texas Wins College Football Playoff

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy celebrates the Longhorns national championship.

Since the college football powers that be refuse to set up a playoff system, I’m taking charge and doing it myself.

Instead of wondering who’s the best team in the country with the current Bogus Championship System (BCS), aka Beyond Common Sense, we’re going to decide matters where it counts. On the field.

Not with polls and computers and rankings. With an eight-team playoff based on bowl games already scheduled and in some cases completed. In other words, the tournament has already started.

The SportsLifer playoffs, antidote to the BCS, features the top seven ranked teams in the current Associated Press poll, along with No. 10 Ohio State. Other contenders, including Texas Tech and Boise State, drew strong consideration but ultimately missed the playoff cut.

In quarterfinal games, No. 5 USC defeated Penn State, 38-24, in the Rose Bowl; unbeaten and 7th-ranked Utah surprised SEC runner-up Alabama, 31-17. in the Sugar Bowl; and No. 3 Texas rolled over Ohio State, 37-17, to win the Fiesta Bowl.

And in the most anticipated quarterfinal, top-ranked Florida outscored second-ranked Oklahoma, 41-38, in a battle of Heisman Trophy quarterbacks in the BCS Bowl, Tim Tebow of the Gators threw a late touchdown pass to best  San Bradford and the Sooners.

In the semis, Texas topped USC, 28-21, in a rematch of the 2005 title game and Rose Bowl; while Florida ended Utah’s unbeaten run with a 34-19 win.

Texas then held off Florida, 38-35, in a thrilling game to decide the national championship. Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy threw four touchdown passes, including the game-winner, and was named playoff MVP.

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