Read the Newspaper: Headlines Tell the Story

There are lots of reasons people should read the newspaper every day — news, editorials, the classifieds, movie listings,

Here’s another one: the creative headlines in the sports pages that reflect the athletic temperature of the American cities they represent.

On Sunday, for instance, we watched the NFL playoff races wind down. We saw the Dolphins complete an amazing turnaround, the Eagles and Chargers complete improbably playoff runs, the Jets, Bucs and  Broncos all fall apart, and the Patriots fall short despite a 11-5 record.

And on Monday, we read the headlines in newspapers coast to coast.

It’s a good news, bad news thing. First the bad news.

Bad News

The New York Daily News on the Jets’ demise:

Gag green

Or the New York Post on the status of Jets’ coach Eric Mangini;

It’s time to Can-gini

Followed later by Axed

The Dallas Morning News as the Cowboys collapsed in Philly:

Quittin’ time and

Rout to nowhere

The Rocky Mountain News on Denver’s last-season fade:

Zapp: Broncos electrocuted by Chargers

The Boston Globe, on the failure of the Jets and quarterback Brett Favre to help the Pats by beating the Dolphins:

Grin and Brett it.

Now some good news.

Good News

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel on the Dolphins rise to AFC East champions:

Worst to first

The Philadelphia Inquirer on the Eagles playoff surge:

Eagles rise from dead with 44-6 win

And the San Diego Union-Tribune on the improbable AFC West race:

Chargers complete historic comeback

But we’ve saved the worst for last.

The Worst News

The Detroit Free Press on the Lions, who finished 0-16, worst single season in NFL history:

Woeful: Worst-ever Lions perfectly awful

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