Dawgs Defy The Odds

All year long, the Dutchess Dawgs have been chewing for respect.

Their September draft was poo-pooed by many of the so-called experts, yet the Dawgs went on to win to post a 10-2 record, best in the Nightcap League. They were under-Dawgs in many of those 10 wins.

In the playoffs, the Dawgs were picked to succumb to two-time defending champion Ari’s, despite having finished four games ahead of the Dealmakers and beating them in the regular season.

“This game won’t even be close,” one prognosticator said. “The Dealmakers close the deal and lock the Dawgs in a kennel. Expect a double-digit victory by Ari as the Dealmakers advance to the finals.”

Not so fast.

“We’ve been beating the odds all year,” said Big Dawg Bowser, Dutchess president, general manager and head coach. “But we’re not celebrating yet, we’re playing to win a championship. That’s been our goal all year, and this team has never lost sight of the prize.”

With six starters in double figures, led by wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Wes Welker, the Dawgs built up just enough of a cushion to hold off a surging Ari’s squad on Monday night. The Dawgs won, 94-89, despite leaving 91 points on the bench.

The Puppies have had running back problems all year, and received a measly 19 points combined from their four ball-carriers. Antonio Bryant’s 50-point effort was wasted on the Dawgs’ bench. Yet still they managed to pull out the victory.

Many anticipate some lineup changes this weekend, when the Dawgs take on Roswell’s Aliens for the championship of Nightcap football. The two teams split their regular season series.

This may be fantasy,…but it becomes reality when the Dawgs play for pay.


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