The Winter Hacker


I am the winter hacker, a golf rider on the storm.

When the days get short, the sky turns gray and the ground is frozen white, I make my move and hit the links.

Oh, I play some golf in the summer, when the sun shines and the grass is green. Just not very well.

DSCN2331 I do my best golfing in the winter, on a golf course within walking distance of home, nestled in the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley, where buffalo once roamed and Colonel Jacob Griffin’s Revolutionary War militia drilled..

I walk the course in the cold, while others keep warm. But heck, there’s no waiting, no divots, no hooks, no sweat. And the price is right.

I imagine hitting monster drives and long fairway irons, chipping out of bunkers, and making birdie putts. Or hitting a perfect seven iron on a par three and tapping in for the deuce. Or some days, a hole-in-one.

DSCN2316 Winter hacking has another advantage. There are plenty of golf balls to be found, for the taking. I have buckets of them, hundreds. Titleist, Dunlop, Pinnacle, Maxfli, Top Flite. Hundreds.

I collect golf balls like Easter eggs or sea shells. Many are like new, others barely bruised.

Looks like it ‘s snowing again. Back to the links.


One Comment on “The Winter Hacker”

  1. Patrick Stephens says:

    Hey Rick that’s awesome. Sounds like a lot of fun. Heard it’s supposed to snow next weekend. Maybe your first tee time of the season. Enjoy.

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