Only in New York….

Son of a gun! Plaxico Burress goes from Super Bowl hero to the sidelines.

New York is considered the center of the universe, the Big Apple, the world’s financial capital, the mecca of commerce and culture and bright lights and Broadway. And so much more.

And it’s also the home for talented, high-priced, head-case athletes.

Take Plaxico Burress for instance. Or as the Giants must be saying, “Take Plaxico, please.”

Faster than a speeding bullet, Plax went from being the leading receiver on the best team in the NFL to damaged goods, a man without a job.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…er make that thigh.

Did Plaxico think this through? Did the thought ever enter his mind that if he needed to carry iron, maybe he shouldn’t go to the Latin Quarter?

For a wide receiver with good hands he certainly fumbled that loaded gun. POW!  He’s lucky he didn’t kill himself, or someone else.

What was he thinking? Who was he listening to? Ever since he signed a lucrative five-year, $35 million contract over the summer, Burress has had all sorts of issues. Time management issues, practice issues. Issues with his coach. Issues with referees and with the league.

Now he’s “Gun and Done” as the New York Daily News reported, suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team” and placed on the non-football injury list. His future uncertain, Burress faces jail time and stands to lose millions

Of course, Plax is not the only head-case athlete who calls New York home, not the only man without a team.

Marbury in Limbo
There are others. Take Stephon Marbury,

“Starbury,” who once proclaimed himself the best point guard to play basketball, was acquired by Isiah Thomas (another head-case) in the deal that was supposed to  bring the Knicks back to prosperity.

Guess what, it never happened. The Knicks floundered, Marbury’s teammates grew tired of his act. The end came last week when he refused to play in a game, even with his team short-handed.

So now Steph, the second highest paid player in the NBA, refuses to budge on buyout offers from the Knicks, who don’t know what to do with him.

The Knicks ordered Marbury note to attend practices or games. So he sits and counts his $21.9 million.

And speaking of head-cases, the Yankees have Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod, a sure-fire Hall of Fame who can’t hit in the clutch.

Perhaps that’s because he’s more worried about Page Six than the sports page, more concerned about hitting on Madonna than hitting with runners in scoring position.

Lately there have been rumors that the Yanks may make a play for free agent outfielder Manny Ramirez. Manny being Manny, he’d fit right in in Gotham.

Only in New York


2 Comments on “Only in New York….”

  1. K.C. says:

    Very crazy situation with Plaxico. I think once he won that Superbowl, his head just got kinda big. Looks like he might bring a teammate down with him in Antonio Pierce.

  2. Marbury is a total waste of talent and an ignorant fool. Buress just thought he was untouchable but learned really fast that he’s not. I hope he can get his career back on track. All atheletes should look real hard at how much money they make and make the contious decision to wait to be idiots until after their 10-15 years of playing pro sports for millions a year.

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