Dawgs Sign Marino, Brown

The Dutchess Dawgs, facing perhaps the two toughest games on their schedule, have signed a pair of free agents, Hall of Famers Dan Marino and Jim Brown.

With Drew Brees on a bye this week, and Clinton Portis off next Sunday, the Somers Division leaders are looking to reinforce their lineup with two of the NFL’s all-time greats.

Marino will replace Chad Pennington at the helm when the Dolphins visit Denver this Sunday. And Brown will carry the mail for the Browns the following Monday night when Cleveland visits Buffalo.

The legendary, dynamic duo promise to give the Dawgs a boost when they face New York Division leader Evil ZITO on Sunday, and Nightcap defending champion Ari’s Dealmakers the following week.

“It’s only natural that the best should play for the best,” said Dutchess president, GM and coach Big Dawg Bowser. “Marino is one of the top quarterbacks in football history, and Jimmy Brown is the greatest running back ever to roam God’s Earth. Why not shoot for the moon? After all, this is fantasy football.

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