TBS: Total Baseball Screw-up

Fans tuning in TBS to watch Game Six of the ALCS between the Rays the Red Sox on Saturday night got quite a surprise.

The Steve Harvey Show. Instead of playoff baseball, America got Steve Harvey.

From here on, will be known as Total Baseball Screw-up.

The Boston Herald called it  a “Bunch of TBS!”

It was all caused by a router failure that led the New York Times to proclaim: “Blowout in Atlanta, Black Out in St. Pete.”

What was the backup plan? CNN, TNT, help me.

Anything more than a belated crawl. An audio feed perhaps.

Even Seinfeld would have been better than Steve Harvey.

Attention Bud Selig, you need to put your showcase events on the networks, not some half-assed cable outfit more vested in reruns and old movies than live baseball.

But the networks make bad decisions too. Like in April, when Fox switched off a Yankee-Red Sox telecast with two outs in the ninth for the start of a NASCAR race.

Or in 1968, when NBC left an NFL telecast between the Raiders and Jets to give us Heidi. Viewers missed a two-touchdown rally by the Raiders in the final minutes of “The Greatest Game Never Seen.”


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