Hurricane Kyle Hah! Kamp Quinn Thrives


Traditions are a good thing. Opening Day, fireworks on the Fourth, that special Super Bowl party.

Records are made to be broken….but traditions are made to be continued.

This past weekend Kamp Quinn, one of life’s greatest traditions was celebrated in Woodford State Park, elevation 2,400 feet, in the backwoods of Vermont.

On a weekend where Hurricane Kyle threatened New England before taking a right turn into Nova Scotia, these hardy Kampers battled heavy rains, high winds and otherwise chaotic weather conditions.

No Problem
A problem? Are you kidding me? What’s a little drizzle?

A lark in the park, on a weekend when the Mets struggled to to stay alive, USC, Florida and Georgia both went down, and the great Paul Newman passed away,  You can almost imagine Newman turning to his sidekick Robert Redford and asking “Who are those guys?” just as he once did in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Well, those guys in Vermont were Dads and mountain men and kids and more kids, some coming from as far away as Colorado to join in the tradition that is Kamp Quinn. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys got nothin’ on this crew.

Red Meat and Junk Food
The hardy Kampers chomped on steak and ribs, cheeseburgers and chili, Lipitor be damned. They ate Funny Bones and Hostess Cupcakes (who knew they still made this cream-filled delight?) and washed it all down with beer and wine and water. And they treated a barely shredded head of lettuce like a rotten vegetable.

The Kamp Quinn tradition began in 1996, when the pioneers survived a full moon and 16-degree night-time temperatures. That same weekend, the Yankees were wresting a divisional series away from Texas on their way to their first World Championship in 18 years.

The Kamp has evolved over the years as most traditions do, as people come and go and the young Kampers grow older. The Red Sox finally ended the Curse of the Bambino. Lean-tos replaced tents. And the stories get better over the years.

And years from now, a bunch of Kampers will recall the weekend when they defied Hurricane Kyle in the wilds of Woodford..


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