Who’s on Third?

The cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated is a black and white shot, with Mickey Mantle swinging and Roger Maris kneeling in the on-deck circle. Shot over Maris’ left shoulder, the picture looks down the third-base line to nearly empty stands in left.

The picture, which was shot in 1960, got me to thinking: “Who’s on Third?” It’s a Kansas City Athletic, that’s for sure

Judging Yankee box scores of day games with small crowds against Kansas City that year, there are two possibilities.

Dick Williams, who later managed the Oakland A’s to a pair of World Championships in the 1970s and was inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer, is one. He was on third base on May 6, 1960, when 5,891 were on hand to see the Yankees win, 8-7

The other is Andy Carey, former Yankee infielder, who was traded to the Athletics in May of 1960 for outfielder Bob Cerv. Carey played third on June 29 and 30, a pair of midweek day games in the Bronx, each witnessed by less than 10,000. BTW, Maris hit two home runs to trigger a 10-0 Yankees win on June 29, and Maris and Mantle each homered the next day as the Yankees won, 8-3.

Carey was the third baseman in Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1956, and scored one of two Yankee runs that day.

The Yankees third base coach, a Kansas City catcher, and the home plate and third base umpires are also shown in the Sports Illustrated cover shot.

Frank Crosetti was the coach. Harry Chiti was the A’s catcher in the May game, and Danny Kravitz caught both the June contests.


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