Matty and the Jinx

My friend Matty and I have known one another since the ’60s. We’ve gone to some great sports events together, including the Super Bowl, World Series and the Olympics.

For the most part , we cheer for the same New York teams. We’ve seen a few wins, but more often than not, we’ve seen the ugly side of New York sports.

We came to call it simply The Jinx. When Matt and I go to games together, bad things happen to our teams.

Take for instance December 27, 1997. We went to the Garden for a matinee game, which the Knicks lost, 97-94, to the Toronto Raptors on a buzzer-beater by Doug Christie.

Meanwhile, at the same time, on the TV in the suite at MSG, the  Giants are frittering away a 19-3 halftime lead and losing to the Minnesota Vikings, 23-22, in a playoff game at Giants Stadium.

That day clearly demonstrated the power of The Jinx.

The Jinx Top 10

  1. Super Bowl XXV, Tampa, Ravens crush Giants, 34-7, 2001
  2. Red Sox shut out Yankees 1-0, 6-0 at Shea Stadium, 1975
  3. Red Sox beat Yankees 2-1, 1-0, Fourth of  July, 1973
  4. Knicks lose to Raptors on buzzer-beater at MSG while…
  5. Giants blow 19-3 lead, lose playoff game to Vikings, 1997
  6. Giants lose to Cowboys, 30-29, on missed extra point, 1985
  7. Mets lose playoff game to Houston, 3-1, Shea Stadium, 1986
  8. A’s blow out Yankees early, 13-5, Yankee Stadium, 1987
  9. Red Sox beat Yankees, 8-3, on 50th birthday party, 2001
  10. Iona Prep loses, 60-6, to St. Francis, 1966

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