Eight Changes for Major League Baseball

Eight changes major league baseball should make immediately:

  • Drop the rule giving the league that wins the All-Star game home-field advantage in the World Series. Give it to the team with the best record.
  • Institute instant replay immediately — for home run calls only, nothing else. Run a video control center like the National Hockey League.
  • Make the first-round playoff series best-of-seven. Give the teams that performed best in the regular season the best chance to win.
  • Make the designated hitter universal — everyone but the National league already has a DH. Pitchers should pitch and hitters should hit.
  • Use the team error in official scoring — why should catchable balls that fall between two or three fielders be called hits.
  • Mandate that each team schedule one home doubleheader per season, either on a Sunday or holiday, or better yet on both.
  • Schedule at least one World Series game as a day game each year, weekday or weekend will do.
  • Make affordable tickets available on a walk-up basis day of game for fans who don’t have fat wallets and corporate connections.

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