The SportsLifer Top 50 Countdown

The old Madison Square Garden on 8th Avenue between 49th and 50th streets, scene of many NBA doubleheaders in the 1950s and 60s.

The SportsLifer is a lucky man. Throughout his life, he’s been to World Series, Super Bowls, Stanley Cup playoffs and Final Fours. He’s seen the Olympics, Triple Crown horse racing, major golf tournaments, even a perfect game. And so much more. He’s been to Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field, the old and the new Madison Square Garden, and the Polo Grounds.

Although making a career switch more than a quarter century ago and giving up my job as a sportswriter for the world of high-tech public relations, I’ve never lost my love for sports.

I’m often asked to list the best sports events I’ve ever seen. Beginning today the SportsLifer will chronicle the greatest 50 sporting events he’s ever attended. This week’s list starts the countdown, with a special category as a bonus.

Let the list begin:

Yankees sweep Royals 7-6 and 9-8 in 16 innings in wild doubleheader, Yankee Stadium, 1972

49. Giants rout Braves 23-8 behind Will Clark’s two home runs, Fulton County Stadium, 1988

48. A’s beat Yankees 2-0 in ALDS, Game 2, shortly after 9/11, start delayed to televise Bush press conference, 2001

47. Boston College beats Holy Cross 56-26 in final meeting at Fitton Field, Worcester, Mass., 1986

46. Providence beats Holy Cross at Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, en route to Final Four appearance, 1973

45. Knicks beat St. Louis Hawks in old Madison Square Garden, 76ers-Pistons also play, NBA doubleheader, 1966

44. Cubs beat Pirates 4-3 on Sammy Sosa home run to split Wrigley Field doubleheder with Pirates, 2002

43. Rangers crush Bruins 9-0, score 3 goals in 38 seconds, new Madison Square Garden, 1969

42. Barry Bonds steals 500th base, Giants beat Dodgers 3-2 in 11 innings, Pac Bell Park, San Francisco, 2003

41. Astros’ Mike Scott again shuts down Mets 3-1 in NLCS, Game 4, Shea Stadium, 1986

Special Category

Sat in NBC booth for the Silent Bowl (no announcers), Jets beat Dolphins 24-17, Orange Bowl, 1980


3 Comments on “The SportsLifer Top 50 Countdown”

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  2. […] First installment: 41-50. includes the St. Louis Hawks, Holy Cross, and a Ranger rout. […]

  3. […] First installment: 41-50. includes the St. Louis Hawks, Holy Cross, and a Ranger rout. […]

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