What A Shock! Jeremy’s at It Again

Hey Jeremy Shockey, here’s a news flash. The Giants can win without you.

Jeremy Shockey is at it again. You’d think this loudmouth would have taken a slice of humble pie after breaking his leg and watching the Giants march to the Super Bowl without him. But nooooo….

Shockey is a talented football player. The former number one draft pick (14th overall) out of the University of Miami in 2002, is a four-time Pro Bowler. But he’s no team player, never has been, never will be.

He actually came to Giants mini-camp this year (a shock in itself) but did not come on to the practice field on the first day of the mandatory, three-day camp. The Giants had eight other injured players unable to practice in the morning and five others in the afternoon, but all of them were out on the side of field working. All except Shockey.

Throughout his six-year career, Shockey has caught 27 touchdown passes, but he is better known for his hands of stone. He’s had plenty of big drops, perhaps none more critical than the sure TD he dropped in San Francisco in the 2002 playoffs, the turning point in a dramatic 49ers comeback win.

Contrast that with rookie Kevin Boss, who made a key catch and run to help spark the Giants fourth-quarter comeback against the Patriots in Super Bowl XXII.

Don’t get me wrong, the Giants need the enthusiasm Shockey brings to the game. But they could do without the baggage, the arm-waving at Eli Manning, the stupid penalties, the big drops.

It’s tough enough winning a Super Bowl, let alone trying to repeat. The Giants don’t need these kind of distractions. They’ve already proven they can win without Jeremy Shockey.

They should have trade him to New Orleans when they had the opportunity a few months ago.

It’s not too late. Get rid of the bum.


One Comment on “What A Shock! Jeremy’s at It Again”

  1. dsf says:

    It’s time for Shockey to go. The Giants don’t need him anymore, they probably should’ve just traded him to New Orleans when they had the chance.

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