Yankees Win. Give Me Rewrite

Give me rewrite.

Admit it, you were ready to bury the Yankees today when they fell five runs behind the Blue Jays in the fifth inning. I was.

Going into the last of the ninth, the game was a microcosm of the Yanks thus-far disappointing season. Same old mistakes, same old lethargic play, same old same old.

Starting pitchers with no staying power. A leaky bullpen with Farnsworthless and LaBoom Hawkins. A dropped fly ball by Melky on a certain double play. Poor situational hitting, No clutch. Another pitiful day at the plate with runners in scoring position. Robby “Can’t Do” Cano’s failure to get down a bunt..

Struggling to get to .500 again. Then suddenly the Giambalco hits one nine miles into the upper deck at Yankee Stadium, and for one day at least, all is forgiven.

102 games to go. Put away the shovels. Kill the obituary.

Give me rewrite.


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