Artie And The Jello-O Mold

There are so many good stories about Artie. He was funny, he was talented, he was a great musician. Art possessed that rare ability to make all those around him somehow feel better about themselves.

Artie passed away a year ago after a long and courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. All those who knew him miss him. He’s still the top name on my instant message stack.

When I think of Artie, I think of wonderful gatherings at Scotch & Sirloin, where Art would play the piano long into the night. I think of New Year’s Eve and parties and weddings. I think of Artie laughing and smiling and entertaining.

My favorite Artie story revolves around a Jell-O Mold. If you’ve never seen a Jell-O mold, here’s a picture of one. Generally speaking, they are colorful deserts made out of Jell-O, fresh fruit, fruit cocktail and other items, then molded and served. Served in many different ways, which leads to my Artie story.

A bunch of us were out one holiday night …. must have been sometime in the early ’80s — sampling the nightlife in White Plains. Around 2 in the morning, we went back to Timmy and Nancy’s apartment for some food. If memory serves me correct, a certain Eddie La-La was also present.

Nancy, being the dutiful hostess, put out some food for us, munchies and cookies and a Jell-O Mold. When Artie saw the Jell-O Mold, his eyes lit up and he had that mischievous grin on his face as he said, “Timmy, what the hell is this s—?”

Upon which, Timmy, gleam in his eye, picked up the Jell-O Mold and smashed it right into Artie’s face.

Understand, Art had a bit more hair in those days, and Jell-O and pieces of banana and fruit cocktail were stuck in his hair, in his beard, all over his shirt, and splattered on the wall behind him. (Bet there’s still some pieces of that Jell-O Mold embedded into the radiator behind where Artie was sitting.)

For perhaps 15 seconds we were silently shocked. Nancy was appalled. Then we all started laughing, and couldn’t stop.

In fact, 25 years we’re all still laughing about the Jell-O Mold. And I’m sure Artie is smiling down upon us, laughing loudest of all.


One Comment on “Artie And The Jello-O Mold”

  1. Denise Sammartino says:

    Thank you… This will be filed in a book of Artie memories.. love Denise

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