Home, Sweet Home, Killing NBA Playoffs

If you like watching paint dry, you’ll love watching the NBA playoffs.

Once known for fast action, terrific player match-ups and fantastic finishes, this year’s playoffs have become as predictable as Hillary Clinton’s never-say-die mantra or the next full moon.

The home team wins all the time. The visitors don’t stand a chance. Sometimes the games are close for three quarters, before the host invariably pulls away in the fourth.

It’s tough to watch when you know what’s going to happen. Maybe the NBA should just concede the results of the first six games in each series, then play the seventh game. Save plenty on travel costs.

Even the much-ballyhooed NCAA basketball tournament was bitten by the predictability bug this year, as all four #1 seeds reached the Final Four.

Predictability can be a good thing in weather forecasting, investments, gambling, food shopping and millions of other endeavors, but not in sports.

But basketball home court predictability has become an upsetting trend.



One Comment on “Home, Sweet Home, Killing NBA Playoffs”

  1. pisforprops says:


    Log off fam

    It’s punch and counter punch

    chess not checkers

    I’ll admit some series seem to drag out (Detroit vs. Whom ever)

    This years playoffs has it all superstars, great teams, emerging stars, experienced vets.

    All playing at that elevated plaffoff level.

    Lebron vs. the celtics… Boring?

    Lakers vs. Utah with all the Kobe drama… Boring?

    Chris Paul and the Hornets vs. all the vets on the spurs… Boring?

    Ealier series and games predictable… Maybe. Isn’t that somewhat of a given?

    Short Attention Span theater is that way —–>


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