Survey Says…..Yankees

Not surprisingly, the Yankees are New York’s favorite team according to a new Siena NY Sports Poll released by the Siena (College) Research Institute (SRI). Some 87% of all New Yorkers have one favorite team, and the Bronx Bombers were selected by 27% of fans polled, followed by the Mets at 12% and the Super Bowl champion Giants at 9%.

The Boston Red Sox were listed as the favorite team by 3% of respondents, ahead of the Jets, Knicks and Rangers but behind the Buffalo Bills (4%).

Among all New Yorkers, baseball, America’s pastime, remains the favorite sport at 30%. Football is the preferred sport of 23% of respondents followed by basketball (15%) and hockey (7%). Men choose football as their top pick over baseball, 29% to 25% while women like baseball over football by a much larger margin 34% to 18%.

Oh yes, by better than four-to-one (54-12%) New Yorkers believe Roger Clemens used performance- enhancing drugs, despite his repeated denials. No surprise there either

The Siena Research Institute NY Sports Poll was conducted from in February and March by random telephone calls to 802 New York State residents over the age of 18.


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