Fire Isiah!!! Poetry in Motion

Finally, the Knicks make Isiah pay
This doubting Thomas is out of play
Isiah is fired, at last it’s final
Even though he’s still in denial

He buried the Knicks, they were a disaster
At questionable moves, Zeke was the master
Jerome and Eddy, Stephon and Zack
He set the Knicks five years back

Now he’s nowhere, yes it’s true
Still has a job, but not a clue
He matched the franchise record for losses
And he’s no longer one of the bosses

Sexual harassment was part of his play
Now Isiah’s out of the picture to stay
At last, Knick fans can see the light
Without Isiah, the future is bright.


One Comment on “Fire Isiah!!! Poetry in Motion”

  1. Will R says:

    Nice poem, but this fish stinks from the head. Dolan needs to go too. How about a post on L’Affaire Avery?

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