The Numbers Game

Guess I should have listened to my math teacher.

A group of number crunchers at George Tech used two mathematical processes to correctly pick this year’s Final Four….and 30 of the 36 Final Four teams in the past nine years, according to InfoWorld. Those results are more accurate than the tournament seeding system and polls, which have picked 23, and RPI, which ID’d 21 of the Final Four participants.

The Georgia Tech system, uses two mathematical processes — logical regression and Markov chain, aka LRMC — to make selections. This year LRMC not only picked the Final Four — which was four #1 seeds — but had Kansas beating Memphis for the championship.

Don’t ask me to explain how it works. But it does work way better than my system.

Having said that, bet LRMC didn’t pick George Mason a few years back.


3 Comments on “The Numbers Game”

  1. The Free Agent says:

    That’s a really interesting system in picking teams. I think that even though the NCAA Tournament is hyped throughout the year because of the possibility of a Cinderella story, it rarely happens. The NCAA committee designs the rankings so the best teams will make it to the end. There are a few Cinderella stories every year, but for the most part the higher seeds win and I think more people would do better in their brackets if they didnt pick too many upsets. Picking teams like that would give you similar results to the computer system picking teams

  2. Paul says:

    As a UConn alum, I’m not even sure George Mason picked George Mason in that game. Egads.

  3. sportslifer says:

    Nobody saw that one coming. What an upset.

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