Crashing and Burning

As the North Carolina Tar Heels crashed and burned Saturday night, so did my chances of finishing in the money in Comms Before the Storm, that famous NCAA pool. No consolation points for leading going into the final weekend of the tournament.

How could a team as talented as UNC fall behind 40-12 in the first half? That’s incomprehensible. When I was a sophomore at Iona Prep, we once lost a game 112-26 to Rice High School in Harlem. We considered it a moral victory when we lost to Rice 83-33 in our gym later in the season.

But unlike the Tar Heels, those defeats were understandable. The Rice team was far better….they had Dean “The Dream” Meminger, pictured left, a future All-American point guard at Marquette University and number one pick who later played in the NBA for the Knicks and the Hawks.

Al McGuire, his college coach, once said Meminger was ”quicker than 11:15 Mass at a seaside resort.”

Give credit to North Carolina for coming back in the second half and cutting the lead to four at one point. But as Bill Parcells once said, they don’t give medals for trying.

So Comms Before the Storm comes to this — if Memphis wins, the title goes to a guy named Christopher Blogger. If Kansas survives, it might as well be Dorothy.


2 Comments on “Crashing and Burning”

  1. Mike Reiter says:

    Your comment about the huge loss to Dean the Dream in high school. I was on a team that won 125-55, with one of our guards scoring 50. I scored 4. We played that team twice in home-and-home; the first time we only won by 20.

    I was on the losing side in a college intramural game, 92-26. The opponents ran and pressed us to death, and we had no talen anyway. It was embarrassing.

  2. Carla M Brisbon Clements says:

    Not sure who this will reach but I am a old friend of Dean’s when he played for NY Knicks. I lived in Boston at the time. I remember the Celtics and the Knicks game it was unforgettable.

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