Comms Before the Storm: A Tough Test

Enter at your own risk, At the center of the March Madness maelstrom, it’s the toughest test in America. The law boards, your first driver’s test or that final exam in quantum physics are cupcakes compared to this exercise.

It’s “Comms Before the Storm,” the IBM communications NCAA basketball pool.

One year ago, I picked the Final Four, and had Florida beating Ohio State for the championship. That’s precisely what happened. Heck, I even went to the Final Four in Atlanta to bear witness to my prognostic abilities live and in person at the Georgia Dome.

So how much did I win? Nothing. Nada. Finished out of the money. Didn’t even get a mention in the wrap-up story.

Who am I picking this year? I’ll let you know after I consult my crystal ball, do my homework and fill out my brackets.

Like I said, toughest test in America. It’s awesome baby.


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