Quick Hitters II — Observations of a Sportslifer

Eddy Curry sure went from franchise player to benchwarmer pretty darn quick.

Nice to know the Knicks gave away two lottery picks for a guy who’s not even getting playing time. And paying him $56 million to boot.

So let me get this straight. Isiah has Curry, yet deals for Zach Randolph, then 20 games into the season, determines they can’t play together. Do you think maybe he could have figured that out before the trade?

Just another day at the Garden.

Just a hunch, but it appears the Shaq act may have run its course. Trading away speed and athletic ability for size and muscle is not always a good thing.

Elsewhere in the West, Jason Kidd may finally give the Mavs enough to get over the hump and win the title they should have won two years ago.

Jack Nicklaus not only won 18 majors, he finished second 19 times. If he had won a few of those, his record might be out of reach, even for Tiger. Thirteen of those seconds were by two strokes or fewer. Seven of them occurred at the British Open.

Tiger has 13 wins in the majors — but only four second place finishes.

The Mets acquisition of Johan Santana has turned the talk of the town from el foldo to el ace.

Mark it down, if he stays healthy Santana is a lock to win 20 games throwing against watered-down National League lineups in a pitchers park..


5 Comments on “Quick Hitters II — Observations of a Sportslifer”

  1. reitstuff says:

    The Mavs needed to gamble and trade for Kidd. Although he makes them better, they are still weak up front. That’s a disadvantage against the Spurs and Lakers, especially.

  2. Kaz says:

    No on asked me, but here’s another observation:

    Since turning pro, Tiger has won 13 of 44 majors (.295) he has played in. He has missed the cut in one major.

    Jack Nicklaus won 11 of his first 44 majors as a pro (.250) and missed the cut in three of those 44. He was second or tied for second in eight of those majors.

  3. Alicia says:

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  4. David says:

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