Presidents-Kings Day

Studies have shown that the Monday after the Super Bowl is the least productive work day of the year in America. That should come as no surprise — the typical SB Monday worker is a partied-out, hung-over, bloated sports freak more concerned with touchdowns, turnovers and Super Bowl pools than deadlines, dollars and decisions. He should be home sleeping if off or watching Sports Center replays, not in the office, at the shop or behind the wheel. On this day, conference calls are for suckers.

So, hear now, the Pigskin Party proposes a solution. A national holiday, Call it Presidents-Kings day, since it falls between the two holidays. Combine them, and then balance it out by adding an extra holiday in the summer when the weather is warmer, the grass greener, and the pool open. Make it the first Monday in August, and call it Dog Day.

Don’t pass up this opportunity. Cast your ballots for the Pigskin Party. Come the first Monday in February 2009, you’ll be glad you did.


4 Comments on “Presidents-Kings Day”

  1. reitstuff says:

    Rather than worrying about a day after party, let’s dial back on the hype (an understatement) and insist on a Super Bowl played one week after the conference championships. There’s not enough news to write about for one week, much less two. Teams don’t need that long to prepare. While we’re at it, let’s end the halftime show too.

    • almadenmike says:

      I’d be interested in learning about the economic impacts of the 1-week vs 2-week scheduling. Does a 2-week wait allow more folks to attend/travel to the venue city, or stay there longer, thus increasing local hotel revenue? Do the all-important (in their own minds) television networks profit from more cheap-to-produce pre-game and pre-pre-game (etc.) talk/talk/talk and feature shows? Do the networks then have more time to sell more ads to said shows? I’m sure there’s a business, rather than sports, rationale for the scheduling.

      Also, some friends — who, like me, are also marching band alumni/fans/parents — were recently decrying that the halftime shows are seldom broadcast as part of the TV coverage, even for Saturday’s lightweight NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, the halftime of which one of the parent’s children was performing. So we were thinking that in this world of too many channels, maybe there should be space for a Marching Band/half-time show channel. 🙂 Of course, the Super Bowl festivities has become so bloated as to be awful, boring and embarassing. Aren’t there any modern day Ernie Silers out there?

      • SportsLifer says:

        Mike, not sure what the rationale is for the two-week break beyond providing extra days for hype. On the marching bands, you probably need to be at the event to see the show.

  2. Rickbo says:

    Agree, some of the best Super Bowls, ie Giants-Bills and Rams-Pats, were played with the one-week layover. America needs time to recover after the Super Bowl — maybe they could move the kickoff up a few hours, instead of catering to the West Coast.

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